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For both, the "ch" takes the "sh" sound in "shave," not the "tch" usually found in English. Translation: To give your tongue to the cat Meaning: To not be able to guess. Careful: The feminine word for cat ("une chatte") has the same double entendre meaning as the English word "pussy." Translation: To call a cat a cat Meaning: To say things as they are; to call a spade a spade And I think that... Careful: It's different from the English "Cat got your tongue," which means to have nothing to say. Many adult rescue dogs come with imperfect housetraining skills — or none at all — and even dogs who were pottytrained in their previous homes will need a refresher course if they didn’t get regular walks at the shelter.The good news is it’s fairly easy to teach an old dog this new trick.(The picture above is exactly what you should NOT do.)1. Someone needs to take your dog out for midday bathroom breaks, so experts recommend taking time off work when you first get your dog.If that’s not an option, you could also hire a dog walker.2. Crate training is the easiest way to teach a dog bladder and bowel control because dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping and eating areas. It’s a question many women have but don’t want to ask. The first thing you should know is that you are not alone.

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I also don’t know why I abruptly stopped taking those classes. My weight is one hundred percent linked to my love of ice cream.In fact, adult dogs are easier and faster to housetrain than puppies, especially if you use a crate.The key to rock-solid pottytraining is to start the day your dog comes home.One comment, even one word can make you want to leave everything behind and become a jolly shepherd in New Zealand.So, here are a couple of tips on how to survive a rough day.