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In the two months that followed, “Sweetie” has been approached over 20,000 times by online clients.This is despite the fact that the group managed to monitor only 19 of the 40,000 chat rooms that are being visited by online pedophiles.“We have only scratched the surface,” Guijt said.You can find models from Bangkok or Filipina women from Manila here, as well as from many smaller cities with internet connection. This page gives you one of the most popular sex cams with models from all over Asia like Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and even Malaysia.Anybody can have fun here; it does not matter if you are shy or extrovert. There is always a sweet Oriental girl online to chat with you this very moment.The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that at any moment on any day, about 750,000 men are lurking on the Internet for possible cybersex with children across the globe.In the Philippines where poverty incidence is high, some adults have turned to peddling cybersex in the mistaken view that it is a harmless way to earn easy money.Sexy like think longer have any excuses not sexually satisfying relationships with women who are now happily married.

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Since then, “Sweetie” has outed at least 1,000 pedophiles from “no less than 71 countries” within 10 weeks.“When we first appeared on the Internet disguised as a 10-year-old Philippine girl, we were overwhelmed by the huge number of men trying to get in touch with us,” Hans Guijt, head of launched “Sweetie 2.0” online.

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