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Out of goodwill, and perhaps general nosiness, they’ll want to know who you’re seeing and what you’re doing.If your family and friends are like most people, they’ll all feel compelled to give you advice.It’s totally normal if not everyone gets along – as long as your friends can be civil to your partner, that’s okay! You likely won’t need to take any further action, but if they start acting outwardly hostile, you may need to progress to Situation 2.Situation 2: Honest confrontation It can be overwhelming if your loved ones are openly making negative comments about your partner to your face.

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Good luck to everyone on the site, Anne Hi Mabels Your site has worked wonders on my social life, the children have all flown the nest but I have met some wonderful friends on the site and enjoy regular meetings. So when your partner doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends, here's how you can deal with it.If you two have just begun dating each other, it may not be unnatural for your partner to take his/her time in taking you to meet their family and friends.In this instance, the best way to proceed is to ask your friends/family what they think of your partner when you’re alone and mention that you felt as though something might be off. For instance, you might say If there’s a serious problem, your friends/family will likely bring it up.However if they brush it off and claim that everything’s fine, it likely is something insignificant like a personality clash.