Dating site in south america

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Carbon dating put the site at around 9,000 years old, making it a classic archaeological example of early high-altitude living.

Presented on 16 April at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) in San Francisco, California, the research sheds light on the last major continental migration in human prehistory — and one of the least understood.

South America’s oldest-known human occupation site — the 14,600-year-old Monte Verde settlement in Chile — suggests that people quickly reached the continent after crossing the Bering land bridge one or two thousand years earlier, perhaps skirting the Pacific coast. They use skeletal evidence to propose that the long, narrow skulls of South Americans living more than about 5,000 years ago differ too much from the rounder heads of more-recent inhabitants, and of living indigenous people, to represent one continuous population.

What's more, the prior radiocarbon dates for the site had been taken from bone, obsidian, and charcoal -- items that are known to sometimes produce inaccurate radiocarbon ages.

According to Jolie, charcoal especially can produce dates that tend to overestimate a site's age.