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Δεν αποτελεί συνδρομητική υπηρεσία, η χρέωση γίνεται μία μόνο φορά τη στιγμή που στέλνεις εσύ το μήνυμα. A new proposal on EU rules to combat child sexual abuse has stirred broad debate on whether blocking websites is an effective measure or not.MEPs on Wednesday shared opinions with experts on this and other issues included in the legislative proposal which aims to tackle these horrendous crimes against children through prevention, prosecution and protection.The Civil Liberties rapporteur on the issue is Italian centre right MEP Roberta Angelilli.She said that "we must strengthen prosecution, criminalise new forms of child sexual abuse, such as grooming through social chat rooms and above all protect child victims before, during and after criminal proceedings". When the proposal was first presented in March 2010 one aspect in particular provoked a major debate: Article 21 on blocking sites showing child abuse.