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HOW THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO JOINTLY CREATED THE "MEXICAN DRUG WAR" CARMEN BOULLOSA and MIKE WALLACE "A well-written chronicle of interconnected events that blur borders and cultures–a splendid introduction to a tragic, complex and fascinating binational drama." —Sergio Aguayo, professor, El Colegio de Mexico; visiting professor, Harvard University Tweet The term “Mexican Drug War” misleads. Written by two award-winning authors, one American and the other Mexican, reviews the interlocking twentieth-century histories that produced this twenty-first century calamity, and proposes how to end it.

It implies that the ongoing bloodbath, which has now killed well over 100,000 people, is an internal Mexican affair. Publication May 28, 2015 • 258 pages Paperback ISBN 978-1-939293-79-4 • E-book 978-1-939293-80-0 .

These schools were tasked with educating their students in both literacy and politics: ultimately in creating students who could transform their society. It’s not just that Americans buy drugs from, and sell weapons to, Mexico’s murderous cartels. But the policies that spawned the drug war have proved disastrous for both countries. prohibited the use and sale of drugs in the early 1900s, it has pressured Mexico into acting as its border enforcer—with increasingly deadly consequences. Powerful forces within the country profited hugely from supplying Americans with what their government forbade them.” Wienand appears to have now taken down the post, which can no longer be found on his timeline.Mambaonline was able to take a screen grab of the update before it was removed.