But first and most obviously, it's a very tight race.

I don't believe we'd be hearing from the high-level participants currently flooding the airwaves - Keith Mills on Friday, Seb Coe on Sunday, Craig Reedie today - if the issue were settled. And I must say it was a good line from Seb about the purpose of the Olympic stadium never having been to inspire a new generation of Spurs season ticket-holders.


Not all of my clients can use them due to age, past injuries and impact on the shoulders however, I like the availability to add something "different" to a training program. I am actually planning on running a battle rope boot camp later this month. I have a few creative exercises that incorporate it into a workout.Sincerely, Michael Hi Harris, There are so many ways to incorporate battle ropes in a workout!! They are great for improving power, core stability, and increasing your stamina.One of my favorites is incorporating a Rope Battle Burpee in a workout...It's a normal burpee with a push-up at the bottom and then a rope flare at the top...I'm sure your clients will either love it (or really hate it!