Places for dating in bangalore

To add to the romantic atmosphere it has the wind chimes.The café offers various cuisines and all of this put together makes it a perfect classic date venue!Willing to let your beloved know how much you love them?Make sure to venture off to all these romantic places in & around Bangalore with your partner at least once in your life.We talked to many youngsters, asking them about their favourite date destination in the city and came up with a list of the most popular ones.With these young daters, even the steep prices don’t seem to be a barrier, as long as there’s good food and the right setting.

There's nothing more romantic than walking through those beautiful palace rooms hand in hand.Fine wine, gourmet dishes and dimly lit old-fashion lanterns splattered against white walls make it nothing short of a romantic atmosphere in the heart of the city. Founded, designed and run by Sonali Sattar and Himanshu Dimri, Grasshopper is a rare fusion of scrumptious food, serene space and personalised service.Tucked in a quiet farm, it is popular for its indulgent 7 course meal customized for each table.The menu spells inspiration from the bylanes of Bengaluru and world over.The ambience; a chic blend of water bodies, starry lights and contemporary décor is a definite catch to the eye.