Sasieni pipe dating

In an initial attempt to comply with US patent law, Sasieni moved the one blue dot to the side of the pipe.

This unfortunately didn't do the trick, and only a few side dot Sasieni's were ever made, which are now extremely rare and collectible.

Besides thebrand name & size & shape number, there is no other stamping on the shank, not even a country designation. 5is one of the few available that I saw when looking for a price comparison.

I looked pretty carefully, with a lens, and I did not see any fillsin this wood...sure, a couple of pits, but no fills were visible to my eyes. The draw is wide-open and a cleaner floats through.

At Cigar World we believe that factories should remain secret.

I can understand the complaint, and really do want to cater to the tobacco heads. So I have created a new clickable link on the side-bar ('TOBACCO LIST'), which will always take you directly to this very post. At some point, I'll attempt to dig up more of the information, and summarize it here. This is, apparently, quite a rare shape, as I've only seen one other.This example is complete with the plumbing that was original to the early pipes.Further, thispipe has that fish-tail script "Sasieni" plus a Pat. The nomenclature is dulled by buffing, but most of it is legible &the bowl & chamber are in very good condition. Although thebowl & inner chamber are in very good cond., there is only thefaintest of the original crossed "Barling" logo on the stem. In fact, I'm not sure I saw any that were listed on the sites I explored. 5 size, with an open draw &to be clear, what I would consider a high button.