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Open method that should take care of the dialog for you.Everytime you link an Excel workbook to other workbook, One Drive changes the reference to the file, making reference to an online files.I'd like to be able to only request "manual" updates as opposed to "automatic". Is there a way I can turn off a spreadsheet (for all users) as of a certain point in time that it will no longer update or do I have copy paste specials values on all worksheets???The "manual" button under "Data" then "Edit Links" is grayed out... It only shows one "connection" and that is to the Sharepoint list and I have all of the stuff unchecked. Maudibe, this article dances all around the issue but I don't see how to "manually" control updates to links in Sharepoint coming from both lists and plain old Excel files. Zeddy, According to MS website, "When the Ask to update automatic links check box is cleared, the links are automatically updated. Mitch, if that does not work, try: Excel Options Hi Maudibe Yes, by default the checkbox is cleared. Hi Mitch .could add this line of code to the Workbook Open event: Application.

My current idea is to set up a template file and template folder structure on a shared drive that can be used for every upcoming project.Lastly, select and update the "Total" formula in the Word document to complete the process, as shown in Figure 3. I have 4 files in a folder, one being the master and the rest of 3 being the slaves, all linked to the master. Then asks for the password for all the slave ones, which I would like to be turned off. Open method that should take care of the dialog for you. When you click on master.xls, it will ask you to enter the password. I entered the following code in temp1, temp2 and temp3. Then it will ask you to enter the password for temp1, temp2 and temp3, which I want to bypass.I am still trying with the following things: is the main file that updates 3 other files, i.e. Only the phase after update links from needs to be bypassed. Open Filename:="Your Full File Here", password:="Your Password Here" For each temp1/2/3 etc.Read up on the VBA help file under: Open Method, then choose Workbooks.