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Cousins also doesn’t appreciate Barkley standing up for former Kings head coach Paul Westphal after he was fired.

Cousins doesn’t seem to care that Barkley eventually declared that he could become the NBA’s best big man.

He’s caught up in the hype.” Cousins then goes on to praise Leonard’s teammate, Mason Plumlee, whom he played against throughout high school. 28, the last of the three Portland-Sacramento matchups this season.“I said he had a chance to be really good; I just told the reporters afterward that I was a little disappointed.Since then, I’ve also said he could be the best big man in the game if he’d just grow up.Per Mention that Barkley doesn’t believe the cold shoulder is merited, and Cousins responds as if Barkley is standing directly in front of him: “I have no respect for you and I never will. So, yes, every time we see each other, there will never be words.”Barkley wishes he understood why Cousins holds such a grudge against him.He acknowledges that when Cousins was in high school, he went down to see him in a state playoff game.